Galactic Hubs — Season 2

April Update

6 min readApr 13, 2023


We’re thrilled to share the latest developments from the Galactic Hubs grant program as Season 2 heats up. Our mission at gHubs is to support creators and builders, drive innovation and expand the Alien Worlds metaverse, and we have some exciting projects to update you on.

So far this season, Galactic Hubs has approved six game applications; all are under development with plans to be released within the calendar year. By doing so, we aim to create a more diverse and exciting ecosystem of games that can appeal to a broader range of players. These games give Alien Worlds Explorers new ways to compete, using their NFTs and Trilium across the metaverse.

Another focus of this season is to encourage community-generated content that can enrich our lore and foster discussions among members of the metaverse. Our community’s creativity and imagination will animate and expand the backstory of Alien Worlds. We’re also committed to promoting long-format discussions amongst community members, providing a place for open conversation and fresh perspectives.

Finally, a thriving metaverse requires a strong foundation of tools and infrastructure, which is why we continue to support tooling development.

Season Two — Projects now in development

Pioneer Grants

Battledome Syndicate Toolset

Restack.AI is set to enhance the Battledome game, the Alien Worlds metaverse card battler, by focusing on community integration and decentralization. The project’s goal is to develop a set of tools and processes that will improve player and DAO engagement. This initiative includes Syndicate-administered tournaments and prize distribution, community-driven game development, and implementing a crowdfunding module. The goal is to hand over Battledome operations to the Alien Worlds community sustainably, with the community’s future determined by the game. Learn more

Battlefleet Armageddon

It is an auto battler game set in space, where players control a fleet of ships from different factions. The free-to-play mobile game is asynchronous multiplayer, allowing players to battle against opponents worldwide. In-app purchases are available for players who want an immediate advantage. Players who own Alien Worlds NFTs can immediately unlock some of the most exclusive packs. Players can use the power of their Trilium to gain in-game packs, boosts, and cosmetics Learn more

Galactic Standoff — MVP

Tentree Studios, creators of Zombie Outbreak Survival, is developing a mass multiplayer PVP strategy game within the Alien Worlds metaverse, allowing players to pledge allegiance to decentralized Starbases, upgrade and defend their bases, and earn power-ups to become the strongest Starbase. Players can upgrade their star bases by completing missions and playing game modes to acquire resources, with a portion allocated to the upgrade. A Planetary Syndicate from Alien Worlds governs each star base. When a user is voted in as a Planetary Councilor, they also gain power within their chosen star base. The MVP will enable player interactions with map assets, including Council admin privileges, allow NFT deposits in the base’s inventory for PVP gameplay, and provide essential building management. Learn more

Trilium Quest — MVP

Trilium Quest is an MMORPG set in an immersive open world with six unique planets, each with its own story and lore. Players can choose their starting planet and race and explore the universe, accept quests, fight monsters, mine for Trilium, and set up shops to sell items to other players. The ultimate goal is to boost their stats to fight in dungeons on each planet. Trilium Quest is set in the Alien Worlds meta lore and offers a rich storyline for an exciting and immersive gaming experience. The MVP, co-funded with Magor, will be the game’s core gameplay for the planet. Learn more

Development Grants

Mission Notifications

Nick Kusters resolved a bot integration issue caused by Telegram’s ‘Topics’ feature. The bot was rewritten and is now fully functional, sending mission notifications to Telegram and Twitter again. Learn more

Unreal Worlds Lore

Unreal Worlds animation project seeks to continue the story of four characters in the Alien Worlds metaverse with high-quality art and intriguing storytelling. Building on the success of Season 1, this grant supports the expansion of the prologue in new and exciting ways. This project aims to bring the metaverse to life and engage the community through immersive storytelling. Learn more

A2 Boss Battle

The creators of Acryptia, TACO, will soon launch the A2 Boss Battle community event in the Acryptia card game. Players must complete a collective task, such as dealing 2,000,000 damage to defeat a monster. Rewards are based on the share of the total damage dealt, and part of the TLM grant will be distributed as rewards to players. To participate, players must be whitelisted, which is achieved by obtaining a Taco participation NFT through blending Alien Worlds NFTs. Learn more

Alien Worlds Community TV

The YouTube channel will provide a fresh perspective on the Alien Worlds project, hosted by Brandon Parker, the creator of The EOS Podcast. The show will feature interviews with project leaders, syndicate candidates, community members and deep dives into strategy and insider tips. The show encourages community input, with suggestions for discussions welcomed on their website. Learn more

Alien Worlds Community Avatar Maker

A platform for creating, sharing, and earning from custom avatar designs, built on the WAX blockchain. The team behind Boid and the EOSPowerUp service is developing the platform. Users can exchange Trilium for NFT Packs containing Body Part NFTs that can be combined to create personalized avatar NFT templates. The platform incorporates a staking mechanic requiring users to stake and lock Alien Worlds Tool NFTs with a matching rarity to mint or design an avatar of the corresponding rarity. Learn more

Wombat Dungeon Master

Spielworks, the creators of Wombat, will integrate Alien Worlds NFTs into Wombat Dungeon Master (WDM) to allow them to be staked for in-game mining power and materials. WDM is one of the largest active Web3 games, with over 13k daily active users and the fourth largest application on the WAX blockchain. The game revolves around an idle game loop that utilizes the staking of popular NFT collections. Learn more

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As we move further into Season 2, we are excited to see the continued growth and development of the Alien Worlds metaverse. We look forward to working with our community members and grantees to push the boundaries of what’s possible in blockchain gaming and NFTs. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we continue this journey together.

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