Free Alien Worlds NFTs : Ethereum Promo Drop from Alien Worlds & Ethereum Ambassador Program

Alien Worlds is the defi NFT metaverse where you can use NFTs and Trilium — the Metaversal fungible token — to implement profitable strategy in mining, fighting and Planetary politics.

The first pack sale is scheduled for Friday 9th October 2020 — see here for more details and here for more general information about the sales.

While the Metaversal currency, Trilium, covers both Ethereum and WAX chains, at this time the NFTs will be minted on the WAX blockchain to allow for quick and gas-feeless game actions. To reach out to the Ethereum communities, the Federation has identified many Ethereum accounts who have a strong holding of: -

  • RARI
  • Gods Unchained Cards
  • Axies
  • Sandbox Land
  • Decentraland Land

Check the list of eligible Ethereum addresses here …

The accounts on the list will all be able to claim a Free Alien Worlds Promo Pack (and open it) from Friday 9th October 2020 from 17:00 UTC until 23:59 UTC on November 30th 2020.

The promo pack contains an Alien Worlds NFT and some Trilium. To claim, an account owner will need to have a WAX account set up (free and very quick to set up using and claim from the Alien Worlds website.

Announcing the Alien Worlds Ethereum Ambassador Programme

We know all the NFT and land-based strategy game enthusiasts out there will love Alien Worlds. So we’d like to get the word to them, especially those in the Ethereum community.

To that end we’re introducing an Ethereum Ambassador Programme.

Alien Worlds has earmarked promotional NFT packs for roughly 6,400 Ethereum NFT holders. You can see if you’re on the Alien Worlds ETH list and discover how to claim.

We’re looking for up to 10 Ambassadors who will help get the word out to those 6,400 holders. As a reward, you’ll be given generous Trilium and NFTs so that you can start to build your presence in Alien Worlds.

Criteria for Ambassador programme

You must have substantial reach within the Rarible, Gods Unchained, Axie, Sandbox and/or Decentraland communities. You must have the time and ability to bring the large ETH accounts on those projects (as listed on the Alien Worlds ETH list) over the line as measured by the account having claimed their pack.


A generous Trilium and NFT reward will be given to Ambassadors; rewards will increase based on the # of accounts on the list that claim.


Please get in touch by filling in the Alien Worlds ETH Ambassador form. We’re excited to grow the metaverse with you.

For more information make sure to visit the website and join our channels.





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