Shine 4 NFT Game Cards Into 1 Rare Shined Card

Evidence of Shiny Minions and Weapons Found in the Metaverse! And, Important Changes to Shining

Shining Portal Opens!

This is an exciting time for anyone who wants to create into the Metaverse a Stardust Mysterious Hacker or a Gold AI Sword.

Important Change to Shining Fees

Back when the portal for shining tools was opened, the Metaverse was a very different place, with just a few thousand explorers. Many explorers had enough Trilium to shine and there was a race for the Mint #1 NFT game cards of the newly shined avatars and tools.

Now in the present day, the relative price of shining has become so prohibitive that few are able to shine. It has always been intended that shining would be something that would be a common part of an Explorer’s experience, but with the current fees it is not. In order to restore balance into the Metaverse, the fees must fall to a level where Explorers find the service valuable.

As with tool shining, many Explorers may be vying for the prize of shiny Alien Worlds Mint #1 Minion and Weapons NFT game cards, so the fees cannot be set too low at this stage.

Having conducted a number of reviews, the Federation has decided to implement an updated set of shining fees to be implemented beginning Friday, 14th May 2021. This new fees schedule is shown below.

Shining fees will be reviewed continually by the Federation so that balance in the Metaverse is maintained. When reviewing, the key metric considered will be the number of shining events over the previous two week period. If there are insufficient shine events. then the fees may be lowered to encourage more shining. But don’t be discouraged, as those who shine first will get the lowest Mint numbers of the newly shined NFT game cards.

Material Grade

Material Grade takes into account the Mint numbers of the less shiny versions of the NFT which were burned in the shining process. Even if you don’t get the highly coveted Mint #1 of your favorite card, you may still be able to get the Grade #1 NFT game card.

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