CoinDesk: “Inside Alien Worlds, the Biggest Game in the Metaverse”

“Alien Worlds is the fastest growing game in blockchain and one of the biggest dapps overall, according to DappRadar.”


“The co-founder of Alien Worlds says the popular blockchain game is more than play-to-earn. It’s helping educate people on crypto governance and strategy.” By Jillian Godsil, CoinDesk


“Metaverses are the new social media — where people will come to socialize,” says McKenna. “We have given them a world, or rather worlds, where people can come together and talk about what they want to do and achieve.

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“The smart contracts and data are visible, so players can see which parts of the metaverse are attracting the most attention. People can offer gaming contracts and already have, hosting their own mini competitions. That’s what excites us — the metaverse taking on a life of its own,” she says.



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Alien Worlds

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