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4 min readMay 2, 2023

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News of a recent peace treaty between the Reptiloid Slaax’Lii clan and MagmaZone Industries on the planet of Magor has spread rapidly across the Federation, bringing to an end a bitter, decade-long feud over land rights that claimed many lives on both sides. The treaty — negotiated by one of the Federation’s Robotron ambassadors — delineates a mutually agreed split of the contentious land between the two parties, and includes a military de-escalation plan requiring both sides to reduce the size of their mercenary armies by two thirds, resulting in a glut of minions and weaponry now entering the interstellar markets.

Each day one or more of the NFTs on offer will be discounted by 25% for 24 hours

The NFT Outpost has proactively secured a portion of this supply of battle-tested minions & war-tempered weapons, and as such we are now fully stocked with a comprehensive selection — perfect for any Explorer looking to recruit and arm their very own legion of followers to use in the Battledome, or to prepare for the future.

After the resounding success of last month’s flash discounts, we’ve decided to follow up with another round of bargains this time as well! Each day one or more of the NFTs on offer will be discounted by 25% for 24 hours, so check out the tables below and make a note of your favourites — and make sure you’re racking up those reward points to spend snagging your chosen bargains!

This Month’s Discounted Weapons

Common Weapons

Rare Weapons

Epic Weapons

Legendary Weapons

This Month’s Discounted Minions

Common Minions

Rare Minions

Epic Minions

Legendary Minions

As you can see above, we’re offering a great deal on all minions and weapons from Common through to Legendary rarity, so now is a great time to arm your very own squad or further enhance your military might!

We’re also hosting another “Drill Days” 3-day event at the end of the month (29th-31st May) for all of the Standard Drill lovers out there.

Get ready to build your army and load up your arsenal by taking advantage of this month’s deals!

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With more than 9.3 million lifetime players, Alien Worlds is consistently one of the top blockchain games on the DappRadar rankings charts. The Federation would like to thank all Explorers for making this possible.

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