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4 min readApr 25, 2022

The development of the metaverse is creating opportunities that previously didn’t exist. You can buy, sell and rent virtual land, earn rewards and form new levels of social governance. To foster visionary initiatives in this space, Alien Worlds will be launching Galactic Hubs on May 16th 2022, a resource that will help fund any member of the Alien Worlds community who has the vision to catapult innovations in software development and community building. Galactic Hubs is decentralized and community-led. Support from gHubs means bootstrapping individuals, projects and teams who want to make significant contributions toward building out the Alien Worlds metaverse.

To help sponsor and facilitate the continual growth of the Alien Worlds ecosystem, Galactic Hubs is now announcing the Grant and Award programs.

As part of the Awards Program, Galactic Hubs is pleased to announce the inaugural Guardian Awards! This event is a tribute to the community leaders, soon to be recognized as GUARDIANS, a group that have supported Alien Worlds on a journey to become one of the most successful blockchain games on planet Earth. The virtual awards ceremony will take place during the Alien Worlds Live show planned for the end of May, where up to five members of each online community will receive a Guardian Award. Winners can expect a payout of between 500 to 5,000 Trilium and a personalized NFT badge. More information to follow soon.

Grant Program

Grants are contributions for people, companies, and projects to positively impact the vision of Alien Worlds. Typically, grants are ideal for development, infrastructure projects, and marketing initiatives designed to benefit the whole ecosystem. As the needs of the Alien Worlds ecosystem evolve, so too will the Grants Program. The categories gHubs is interested in funding through this program are mentioned below.

Grant Categories

Technical Infrastructure

Build applications, add-ons, utilities, monitoring and tooling that interact with the Alien Worlds gaming ecosystem.

eSports & Gaming

Create bridges to blockchain games and gaming ecosystems.

Art & Collectibles

Digital art, collectibles, and limited edition digital goods.


News, media, video, streaming and community engagement.

Real-world applications/solutions

Bridging the gap between physical and virtual experiences.

Funding Tiers and Initiative Outlines

Tier 1 — Accelerated grants

≤ 5,000 TLM — For community contributions such as tutorials, translations, and marketing initiatives. The one-time payout is processed upon completion and successful reviewal of the work provided.

Tier 2 — Development grants

≤ 100,000 TLM — For more advanced marketing initiatives and software development. A gHubs Evaluation Committee will shortlist up to 5 candidates per category following the application deadline on 20th of June..

Tier 3 — Pioneer grants

> 100,000 TLM— For complex solutions and applications requiring a high level of expertise and resources allocation. These initiatives are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How to Apply

The grant program application will be launched in waves with initial submissions beginning May 16th and extending through August 16th, 2022. Applications and proposals are required. The review process will be thorough and will consider various factors to ensure goals and milestones are clearly defined prior to funding.

If you have the interest, experience, and skills to deliver on any project within the scope of the grant categories currently open, we invite you to submit a proposal for funding and join us in building out the future of the metaverse starting May 16th, 2022. Proposals will include questions regarding grant amount, category of interest, idea description, project impact and general needs and challenges.

We’re excited to tackle new milestones in 2022 and we can’t do it alone. Reach out if you have any questions or have ideas you’d like to discuss by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the site!

How to apply

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