Alien Worlds to Present Galactic Hubs Guardian Awards on May 27th — Season 1 of the TLMMYS Virtual Ceremony in the Metaverse

  • Identify the most active members, and nurture them to become leaders in the Alien Worlds ecosystem
  • Encourage community members to make positive contributions in our online communities
  • Increase engagement and drive positive discussions across social media channels
  • Raising good questions and driving discussion
  • Provide feedback on new updates and tools
  • Provide assistance to community members in need
  • Actively share Alien Worlds news
  • Create community content ie. artwork, memes, and stickers
  • Inspire others to contribute and act as a role model
  • Official Discord Channel
  • Official Telegram Channel
  • Russian language Telegram Channel
  • Twitch Channel
  • Clearly articulated answers
  • Used examples to discuss their journey
  • Answers were appropriate in length
  • Conveyed enthusiasm for the Alien Worlds community
  • @Razgriz Lord
  • @Pasha
  • @zautau
  • @UareDead
  • @SmellyKoala
  • @ariefbayu
  • @SolCrazySword
  • @TechmanWAX
  • @VETronAg
  • @Potterzinho

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