Alien Worlds Syndicate Updates Release 0.7.0 and 0.7.1

Manual Mining Claim and The Mobile Syndicate Experience

This includes the ability to view the following:

Planet Details page with Main menu

Planet Details page Syndicate menu

Syndicates Main header

Manage Candidacy Mobile Window

View Candidates


  • Convert Planetary Token overlay
  • Resign Custodianship overlay
  • Welcome Explorer overlay
  • Confirm Candidate Votes overlay
  • Cancel Proposal overlay
  • Lock Candidacy overlay
  • NotEnoughToken generic overlay
  • NotEnoughToken to become Candidate overlay
  • NotEnoughToken to vote overlay
  • Create Proposal error overlay
  • Sign Vote overlay
  • Unstake Candidacy overlay
  • Staking & Add Staking Vote Power overlays
  • Unstake Vote Power overlay
  • Staking Vote Power with Release overlay

Claim button for Landowner Commissions and Mining Rewards

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