Today, we are adding our Star Route to the Alien Worlds website so everyone can see what we are doing, and where we are going. In some projects, this may be called a roadmap, but where we’re going - we don’t need roads!

There is loads going on behind the scenes, but this star route will only cover the major outputs.

The green and orange star section covers what we’ve done and what we are working on. Most of the “in progress orange tracks” are being finalised and now we are shifting attention to the “coming soon” blue star tracks. These should be of most interest to explorers waiting to visit Alien Worlds.

First off we are going to be giving out some promotional NFT drops to early supporters and people who support other projects we like. More details on that soon … but it is probably a good idea to register your email.

After that, we will start gearing up for the launch pack sale. There are 4 (four) different types of packs which will contain NFTs (and some bonus Trilium). We are busy finalising the numbers.

Soon after the sale, we will be opening up the Beta User Interface and kicking off mining, staking and NFT shining. Then, we’ll start the battles and after that we will unlock the Nebula draws, which will be a unique economy stabilising feature.

Looking slightly longer term, we turn to the spiral galaxies.

You can see that we have big plans for our NFT Metaverse.

Also on the website today there is the first look at another epic tool and a couple of weapons that explorers may be lucky enough to get hold of.

PS: It’s worth noting that ray guns, phasers and explosion powered projectile launchers have been banned for general use in Alien Worlds (at this time) so leave your firearms at home.

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