Alien Worlds Funds Metaverse Innovation with Galactic Hubs Grant Program — Applications Open

  • Provide funding to accelerate the growth of the Alien Worlds ecosystem and the broader community
  • Add infrastructure tooling for Alien Worlds
  • Attract and reward a diverse set of open-source driven projects

Grant Process ¹

  • How well the work provided meets the applicant’s desired outcomes discussed in the project’s application (SCORE 1–5)
  • Complexity of the work provided (SCORE 1–5)
  • Quality of execution of the work provided (SCORE 1–5)
  • Extent to which the project is creative and innovative (SCORE 1–5)
  • Grant approval
  • Grant funding to be awarded
  • Conditions attached to the offer of grant funding
  • It has been renegotiated prior to the evaluation phase
  • The project fails to achieve at least a 14 out of 20 score in the final phase

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