A First Look at the Alien World Minions

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3 min readSep 24, 2020

In Alien Worlds, there are six different types of genesis NFTs. These are: —

  • Land
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Avatars
  • Minions and
  • Artifacts

We have already given some details about tools and about how they will be used. Now it is the turn of Minions to get put under the microscope.

Minions are essentially an explorers crew that they will use in battles, and possibly in future explorations. They have 5 main attributes beyond the standard Alien Worlds NFT attributes …

  1. Attack — The attack rating details how much damage a minion can do when attacking
  2. Defence — The defence rating is a combination of minion health and how well a minion can defend against attacks
  3. MoveCost — How much energy is required for movement. Faster minions have lower movement costs
  4. Race — Which Alien Race* the minion is most identified with
  5. Element — Minions can be neutral or can tap into a Metaversal energy source** … Air, Gem, Metal, Fire or Nature.

Minions can usually be equipped with weapon NFTs as well and can gain extra power from choosing weapons which work in synergy with their race or element.

There are twelve minions in the launch set and many more will be released in subsequent sets as we extend the battling framework. All the launch minions are shown below — Note that there may be some minor changes between now and the actual launch and that some minions may have multiple element versions.

Abundant Minions

There are plenty of mercenaries and so-called peacemakers found on Alien Worlds

Abundant minions are not in launch packs because they are abundant and relatively easy to obtain through general explorer activities.

Common Minions

Always good to add a skilled fighter or two to your crew
Lots of killing machines and unethical scientists around too

Rare Minions

These rare minions can all be very helpful in your battles and explorations

Epic Minions

Turn up with these aliens on your crew and everyone will know you mean business

Legendary Minion

There will be more but the first Legendary Minion won’t fit in your average spaceship — A storm giant is very noticeable so best not to bring it when you need a bit of speed or stealth

As minions get shined (by combining 4 of the same type) they improve their stats so it’s a good idea to collect several. Also, there may be benefits in the future in having a full launch roster.

We will have a look at some other Alien World NFTs later this week. In the meantime, make sure you follow Alien Worlds on Twitter and join our Telegram and Discord.

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*Alien Races include Greys, Reptiliods, Robotrons, LGPs (Little Green People), Nordics as well as some unidentified aliens.

** Metaversal energy sources give extra powers to those who tap into them. At some times different energy sources are stronger or out of balance. For example, a minion or weapon that is tuned to the nature energy source will be stronger when the metaverse is in a nature phase.



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