A First Look at the Alien World Minions

  • Land
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Avatars
  • Minions and
  • Artifacts
  1. Attack — The attack rating details how much damage a minion can do when attacking
  2. Defence — The defence rating is a combination of minion health and how well a minion can defend against attacks
  3. MoveCost — How much energy is required for movement. Faster minions have lower movement costs
  4. Race — Which Alien Race* the minion is most identified with
  5. Element — Minions can be neutral or can tap into a Metaversal energy source** … Air, Gem, Metal, Fire or Nature.
There are plenty of mercenaries and so-called peacemakers found on Alien Worlds
Always good to add a skilled fighter or two to your crew
Lots of killing machines and unethical scientists around too
These rare minions can all be very helpful in your battles and explorations
Turn up with these aliens on your crew and everyone will know you mean business
There will be more but the first Legendary Minion won’t fit in your average spaceship — A storm giant is very noticeable so best not to bring it when you need a bit of speed or stealth



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