Treasure Hunt Series — Quest #7

Five Greetings to you Explorers. I am La-Ima, Priestess of the Lah’Eem-UR-ique tribe — worshippers of the sacred number 5, (blessed be the digit). I bring urgent news of one of your humans. Your fellow explorer, Church 75, has foolishly strayed past the volcanic…

Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt Series Quest #6

Put down yer tools and make yourself amenable for this here announ-ce-ment. Ahem.

This is Church 75 of the 155th volcano division. We got us a major CO2 leak up there on 6 of them ridges.

The craters be spewing CO2 like it’s goin outta fashion and we need some…

Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt Series Quest #5

9/27/21 Update! — Tier 1 players need not use shined tools for the rest of the Rally to increase the chances of advancement for more players.

Listen up, Dirt-Shifters! This is Church 185, drop your tools and open your ears, I have news that could change your whole mining strategy!

Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt Series Quest #4

May Day May Day! All available Explorers report for new mission…

An elite team of Reptiloids have found Tool deposits scattered across the Metaverse. The Federation is calling on all Explorers, be you battle-hardened or fresh outta the wormhole, to assist in excavating these Tools from the barren outposts.


Communities Are the Fabric of the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

The Essence of the Social Metaverse

Although blockchain technology is used to create Trilium and NFTs, which are what binds the Alien Worlds Metaverse, it is Communities that are the heart and soul. Together, the technology and the Communities are what empower individuals and initiatives to thrive in this Social Metaverse.

What is a Community in the Alien Worlds Metaverse?

A Community is any group…

Pirates in the Metaverse!

Weekends in the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse — Treasure Hunt #3

‘Pay attention Explorers! This is your Commander — Church 185.

Roskrow Pirates have again raided a Federation Tools Depot.
These Tools must not be allowed to stay in the hands of these blood thirsty vagabonds.

Recovery beacons are transmitting faint signals from 6 Lands where Tools are suspected to be…

A Rewarding Feedback Circuit

Metaversal Operations, the Federation and fellow community members want to know what you think!

Newly added to the Explorers’ Station are Metaversal Surveys. Surveys will be posted frequently.

Find the Metaversal surveys here.

During the first week, Players who complete a survey while it is still live will be chosen…

Portal to Social Networks for Fun and Games

Need a little fun in your day? Portal over to the Alien Worlds social networks for games, trivia, quizzes and games! Create your own social Metaverse in Alien Worlds with friends you meet along the way!

Report Your Mining Results at the Travelers’ Log

Metaversal Operations Asks Explorers to Help Tune the Mining Portal

While traveling the Metaverse during the next two days, please stop by a Planet to Mine each day and report your results.

Metaversal Operations is tuning the Mining portal in an effort to continually improve the Explorers’ experiences, and would like to know your success at login and with the…

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