Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt–Quest #10


Explorers of the Federation, this is Chy Coose of the Kynance extraction colony. We are in desperate need of Manatite to fuel our Trilium extractors.

With the success of the new Missions, the demand for Manatite has outstripped supply. …

Play this Weekend and You Might Find Some Treats

Happy Halloween Explorers!

Many of Earth’s traditions and celebrations have traveled through the wormhole with Explorers, as they have traveled, explored and begun to settle on Planets throughout Alien Worlds. Halloween is no exception, and has been reported as a favorite holiday by some. …

Alien World’s Treasure Hunt–Quest #9

Explorers — Listen Up! I have a new challenge that will bring big rewards for the brave amongst you.

Deep in the Magor hinterlands a brilliant but disturbed scientist has been conducting terrifying experiments.

Once a celebrated genius amongst the Greys, she was cast out for her blatant disregard for…

Play Includes Travel Through the Social Metaverse and BSC NFTs

The Alien Worlds Missions Game is now live!

The decentralized and global Alien Worlds community, which has become one of the most used decentralized blockchain applications in history, is pleased to announce that the Alien Worlds Missions game has just launched on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

Explorers now have the ability to send virtual spaceships on missions…

Treasure Hunt Series — Quest #7

Five Greetings to you Explorers. I am La-Ima, Priestess of the Lah’Eem-UR-ique tribe — worshippers of the sacred number 5, (blessed be the digit). I bring urgent news of one of your humans. Your fellow explorer, Church 75, has foolishly strayed past the volcanic…

Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt Series Quest #6

Put down yer tools and make yourself amenable for this here announ-ce-ment. Ahem.

This is Church 75 of the 155th volcano division. We got us a major CO2 leak up there on 6 of them ridges.

The craters be spewing CO2 like it’s goin outta fashion and we need some…

Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt Series Quest #5

9/27/21 Update! — Tier 1 players need not use shined tools for the rest of the Rally to increase the chances of advancement for more players.

Listen up, Dirt-Shifters! This is Church 185, drop your tools and open your ears, I have news that could change your whole mining strategy!

Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt Series Quest #4

May Day May Day! All available Explorers report for new mission…

An elite team of Reptiloids have found Tool deposits scattered across the Metaverse. The Federation is calling on all Explorers, be you battle-hardened or fresh outta the wormhole, to assist in excavating these Tools from the barren outposts.


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