Efficiency, Fairness and Smoother Rewards for Miners

Alien Worlds has reached many user milestones more quickly than anyone thought possible. At the time of this article writing, 2,146,135 Explorers have joined the Alien Worlds Metaverse, with 224,265 mining during the past 24 hours, over the past 21 days.

Challenges of Scaling Luck

This unprecedented scaling for a blockchain-based ecosystem has brought some interesting challenges with it, which the Federation has been addressing. The Federation is committed to fairness. Luck determination is one area the Federation continues to watch, as algorithms calculate probabilities affecting and resulting in fairness.

One resource intensive usage area has been where the Federation gives NFT game cards…

More than 2.1 million Explorers have become Miners in the Metaverse since December 22, 2020.

Get to Know the Planets of the Alien Worlds Metaverse

There are six Planets in the Alien Worlds Metaverse for which Explorers, who have registered as Candidates, will compete for leadership positions as Planetary Councilors. In most cases, Candidates are individuals, but in some cases, they are Explorer Communities, or groups within communities, who are running as a team.

To prepare for elections of our first Planetary Councilors, the Federation encourages Explorers to consider the following:

The recent article “It Was Awesome!” Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally Recap” reviewed the first Alien Worlds Mining Rally in the official Alien Worlds Twitter.

Grand Prize Winner

The Miners on Magor were happy to announce the Rally Winner, selected from Miners who mined on each location in the Rally!

Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally

Grand Prize Winner

Glavor Disc

Twitter — @ChoricEdward

This Grand Prize winner is granted a Glavor Disc, a Manipulator with a Charge Time of 300 seconds!

Explorers Gather to Find the Signal of Distressed Miners

It seems like everyone in the Metaverse was at the first Alien Worlds Mining Rally in the official Alien Worlds Twitter. Lucas and Wax Gamer watched from the stands as Explorers darted around each Planet, mining on zero or low commission lands, in search of secret codes to possibly save distressed miners.

May 2021 Mining Rally in Twitter

First Tweet About the Rally was 8:41 PM (UTC) · May 27, 2021

The First Rally Point Was Posted at 10:42 PM (UTC) · May 27, 2021

The Last Rally Point Was Posted at 9:30 PM (UTC) · Jun 2, 2021


Hello Explorers. It’s Ted here and I have some exciting news to share with you all.

The Metaverse is growing at warped speed and I want to keep up with the excitement! So, guess what?! I’m going to travel the Metaverse, to explore new Lands and share the adventure with you!

Along my journey, I’ll analyze Tools, Minions and Weapons as l share my experiences traveling to and mining on different lands, studying their history, interacting with other Explorers in the Metaverse, and more.

Metaverse Update

The Federation has announced an update to the functionality of the Metaverse. Miners will now access their NFT game cards by claiming them.

Claiming NFT Game Cards Earned from Mining

In order to receive your NFT game cards, you will need to manually claim them and they will be waiting until you do. For information how to claim your NFT game cards, see the article How do I claim mined NFT game cards?

Why Do Explorers Have to Claim NFT Game Cards?

Being the largest blockchain game on any blockchain, ever in history, Alien Worlds uses a lot of CPU and RAM resources on the WAX blockchain. By changing the NFT game card distribution mechanism from…

More than 2.1 million people have escaped Earth into the Alien Worlds Metaverse, and the Federation cares about each and every Explorer. Accordingly, the Federation wanted to send some of the basic information about Alien Worlds to Explorers who have recently subscribed to email communications.

Included throughout are links to the Metaversal Knowledge Base which is docked at the Explorers’ Station. Although fellow Explorers in Alien Worlds communities may be answering your questions, if you find that you still have unanswered questions, please visit the Explorers’ Station satellite. A Support portal is available here if you would like to speak…

Tokens Travel Throughout the Metaverse

Teleport Update

The Federation has discovered that Teleport technology has been very valuable to Explorers who have been using it to Teleport WAX tokens to Ethereum and to Binance Smart Chain. Along with a suite of smart contracts,Trilium and Alien Worlds NFTs are also being deployed onto the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Explorers are telling friends and family that they can escape from Earth’s pandemic into the Metaverse to seek their fortune and find opportunity on the six Planets of Alien Worlds. Although the growth during the first four months of the Metaverse was unprecedented, the fifth month continued to surprise the Federation and Explorers alike. At this point, we have seen:

  • Five months of game play
  • 2,077,089 explorers playing Alien Worlds
  • 218,973 explorers mined during the last 24 hours

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