2 Million+ Players in 5 Months of the Alien Worlds Metaverse

Explorers are telling friends and family that they can escape from Earth’s pandemic into the Metaverse to seek their fortune and find opportunity on the six Planets of Alien Worlds. Although the growth during the first four months of the Metaverse was unprecedented, the fifth month continued to surprise the Federation and Explorers alike. At this point, we have seen:

  • Five months of game play
  • 2,077,089 explorers playing Alien Worlds
  • 218,973 explorers mined during the last 24 hours

Growth of Explorers

As Explorers look forward to settling on Planets and building lives and economies for themselves, their families and communities, not only do more Explorers join, but at an increasing rate.

Growth of New Explorers

Although the Binance Launchpool brought Alien Worlds nearly a million new Explorers during April, Explorers have continued to tell their friends, while new Explorers also discover Alien Worlds on their own. Continuing to grow, during the first 24 days of May, more than one million Explorers were added to the Metaverse.

Planetary Treasury Mining Pots

Planetary allocations have been growing for Neri, but with so many new miners on Neri, the pot sometimes temporarily gets emptied, resulting in a “nothing to mine” message. However, this is offset by the occasional peaks, or relative “big wins” when a miner receives the maximum mine available.

Underdog Planets like Veles and Magor have lately become more attractive to some miners, since there are far fewer miners to compete with for the planetary Trilium pot and the maximum possible mine on those planets. Even though these planets currently have smaller amounts staked, and therefore a smaller planetary allocation of Trilium, there is also less competition for mining reserves, making them attractive to some.

Read more about how the Federation allocates Trilium to the Planetary Treasuries here.

Staking for Voting

Staking to a planet provides voting rights in proportion to stake, to elect Planetary Councillors who make decisions about the Planetary reserve of Trilium.

At the time of this writing, the Neri had the most Trilium staked (6,269,434), followed by Kavian (4,209,891), Eyeke (2,066,427), Naron (1,691,748), Magor (1,341,939) and Veles (1,219,590).


As of April 17th, 93 candidates had applied for Planetary Councilors. As of May 26, 2021, although Veles lost 3 candidates and Eyeke,Kavian and Magor each gained 1, the total number of candidates remains at 93.

The number of candidates per planet to date are as follows:

Neri — 20

Veles — 18 (down by 3)

Eyeke — 15 (up by 1)

Kavian — 15 (up by 1)

Naron — 13

Magor — 12 (up by 1)

If you are interested in registering for Planetary Councilor candidacy, register here: https://council.alienworlds.io/. Talk to others interested in the Planet, in each Planet’s Discord channel.

About Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an NFT defi metaverse running on the Ethereum, WAX and BSC blockchain. The in-game currency — Trilium (token symbol TLM) — was listed on Binance on 13.04.2021. TLM incentivises explorers to play games and must be staked to participate in governance. Planets within the metaverse are decentralised autonomous organisations which receive daily Trilium from the central metaverse smart contracts. Explorers engage through mining by acquiring and renting land, and voting for Planetary governance to impact Trilium payouts. The metaverse is extensible because Planets are independent and can offer their own games UIs and NFTs. Indeed, users are already doing this. Follow the metaverse at alienworlds.io and play at https://play.alienworlds.io/

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